Ilunga Too Much for Weightman, Wins Dominant Victory

Ilunga Too Much for Weightman, Wins Dominant Victory

Sunday, Jun 03 2018 by Rob Tatum

Veteran light Heavyweight Danyo Ilunga (59-13, 45 KO) of Congo welcomed the challenge of England’s Fraser Weightman (22-1, 14 KO) in the GLORY 54 SuperFight Series Headliner.

Ilunga was quick to close the distance and attack Weightman. Weightman tried to maintain his range with kicks, but Ilunga countered with his overhand right. A straight right from Weightman connected, but he ate a heavy right knee to the body in the process. 

Turning up the volume along the ropes, Ilunga worked Weightman’s head and body with heavy punches. Weightman did catch Ilunga with a right high kick late in the round, but Ilunga took it well.

A heavy knee from Ilunga greeted Weightman in the opening seconds of round two. Ilunga applied constant pressure, pinning Weightman against the ropes.

Weightman was able to land a heavy shot from the clinch, but Ilunga broke free and continued to attack with knees to the body. As Weightman’s pace slowed, Ilunga began attacking his legs with kicks to close the frame.

Round three featured an aggressive attack from Ilunga. He battered Weightman with body work and combinations. Weightman shelled up along the ropes, as Ilunga changed levels with his attack. 

Weightman was able to see the final bell, but he was simply outclassed by the veteran.

Ilunga’s total output was more than double that of Weightman’s, so it was no surprise to see all five judges reward him with his 60th career victory.

Danyo Ilunga def. Fraser Weightman by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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