GLORY 85: 4-Man Heavyweight Tournament Confirmed

GLORY 85: 4-Man Heavyweight Tournament Confirmed

Tuesday, Mar 14 2023 by GLORY Press Office

The four participants of the GLORY 85 Heavyweight tournament were confirmed today.

The Netherlands’ Luis Tavares (63-8, 21 KO) and Jahfarr Wilnis (33-13, 8 KO), Enver Slijvar (40-6, 23 KO) of Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Nigeria’s Tariq Osaro (21-2-1, 10 KO) will all go head-to-head in a four-man one-night tournament with the opportunity to face Antonio Plazibat for the interim-GLORY Heavyweight championship this summer.

If that wasn’t enough, the winner of the GLORY 85 Heavyweight tournament will also be awarded a coveted spot in the historic 8-Man GLORY Heavyweight Grand Prix, scheduled for this December, where the winner will win $500,000.

All four fighters came face to face at the press conference which was crashed by Antonio Plazibat. In typical fashion, the Croatian joined all the athletes on stage where exchanged some heated words and shared his excitement at facing the winner.

GLORY 85 will take place April 29 from the Netherlands. The location and venue will be announced next week. Fans can register their interest in the pre-sale ticket link.

GLORY 85: 4-Man Heavyweight Tournament

Luis Tavares (63-8, 21 KO) vs. Enver Slijvar (40-6, 23 KO)
Jahfarr Wilnis (33-13, 8 KO) vs Tariq ‘Cookie’ Osaro (21-2-1, 10 KO)

GLORY 85 will be able to watch live April 29 on Videoland in the Netherlands, globally on, and various broadcast partners around the world.

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